Our Sealing Machine

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You’re only as good as the tools you use.

Cliché? Absolutely. But true nonetheless.

Atlas Seal believes in providing the best work, achieved firstly through dedication, patience, and experience, and secondly through the use of quality machinery. The sealing unit is mounted on the back of a Chevy Silverado 1500, a powerful tool in its own right, and pumps the sealant through a hose and out the wand’s nozzle (leaving the strength and width of the spray up to the operator). The tank holds an impressive 454 liters and the hose stretches to 100 feet. A renowned Briggs and Stratton engine powers the whole apparatus, pumping the sealer out at a 10 GHP capability.

The machine maximizes sealing efficiency and reduces overall struggle, rewarding our efforts with a pristine and durable black finish.

– The Atlas Seal Team